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[WsG] Server guidelines / Re: Server guidelines
« Last post by Original Gamer on May 14, 2018, 01:59:37 AM »
Nice Fish,

Thanks for setting clear guidelines.
[WsG] Server guidelines / Server guidelines
« Last post by CaptainStankFish on May 07, 2018, 09:09:05 PM »
When using this forum, you agree to the terms of service of the rules and regulations of the Worldwide Social Gamer community.

Member rules are placed under the New member board but my relate to this topic.

These rules must to respected and followed to secure order within the forum.

The following rules include but are not limited to:

  • Any variation of spamming, including topics and reply's.
  • Trash talk and mass amounts of vulgar language
  • Any forms of hacking or server scripting. (This will result in Immediate ban.)
  • Information harboring and stealing.
  • Pressuring for Moderator or Admin without legally requesting it.
These rules will change from time to time depending on forum activity. Appropriate action will be taken if the rules are terminated.
New Builds (Hardware) / Building a New Computer? Things to consider....
« Last post by Original Gamer on January 18, 2018, 09:36:08 PM »
Are you thinking about building a gaming PC in 2018?

You have come to the right place. There are some things I think you should consider.

First off, I hope you've already started because Black Friday and Cyber Monday have already passed and if you want to build your own computer you want to make sure you don't spend too much. The best gaming computer will be the one that YOU build. The satisfaction that you will get from building your own computer is unmatched to buying a “store-bought” fully assembled computer.

You can get away with buying a cheap gaming PC by doing it yourself and not having to hire a PC Builder. Now it's possible if you did miss Black Friday/Cyber Monday that you can still put together a nice gaming PC build. The best part about building your own computer is that you will have a custom build PC.

Now this first video is just some considerations you should take into account when purchasing parts. I can assume you missed out on Black Friday Cyber Monday, but don't fret because Br0ski is going to help you build your next gaming PC.

Gaming PCs are just like normal PCs. The assembly is pretty equatable to building with Legos. In the video above you'll get an overview of the parts of the computer I used to build a server and the components in which I used to configure the server. The good news is computer memory is pretty cheap right now.  PC Hardware, depending on where your shop, can be cheap. And if you're really frugal you could try finding some used computer parts. However I would make sure that I get a warranty or make sure they include a return policy. Then you could test those parts.

Laptops are one alternative you could consider however I would suggest if you're serious about PC gaming that you get your own rig. The reason being is you can always upgrade and configure the parts as you go The key to building your computer is that the case is ATX compatible. Remember that ATX is a standard used to build computers so all the parts will fit together. You will notice that almost all computer parts are labeled either ATX/ micro-ATX/mini-ATX etc....
Depending on if those components will fit inside the case. Most all computer parts will be labeled.

The main parts of a computer include the graphics card, the motherboard, CPU, a CPU Cooler, case, a power supply and a hard drive. An affordable gaming PC can cost anywhere from $300+ all the way up to..., if you want the best of the best $5,000. If you spend any more than that then you're probably buying something from NASA.

To get you started before I put out a video you can play around with this PSU calculator online in order to start configuring parts. All parts will be in relation to the PSU or power Supply.

In my video I will include a more detailed description on computer parts and what you need to build a computer.
New Builds (Hardware) / Better Web Browsers?
« Last post by Original Gamer on August 20, 2017, 03:31:01 PM »
Hey guys,

Came across some new Web Browsers you should check out.

Brave: https://brave.com/
PaleMoon: https://www.palemoon.org/

These web browsers are said to be faster and more private. Give them a try and report back. Google CHrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Oprah won't be around forever. There are better alternatives to keep you safe and on track to fulfilling your goals. Check them out.
Music / New music OS with great tools
« Last post by Original Gamer on August 20, 2017, 03:27:10 PM »
Hey guys,

I want to make you aware of a great music making OS I found. It is a flavor of Linux. I have been messing around with it for a few days using VirtualBox.

VirtualBox: https://www.virtualbox.org/

Here is the OS: KXStudio http://kxstudio.linuxaudio.org/

Here are some other links I am going to check out - let me know if you have messed around with any of them.....

Mixxx: https://www.mixxx.org
Patchage: https://drobilla.net/software/patchage
JackAudio a whole list of freebees: http://jackaudio.org/applications/
JackRack: http://jack-rack.sourceforge.net/
NonMixer: http://non.tuxfamily.org/
JAMin: http://jamin.sourceforge.net/en/about.html
PulseAudio: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/PulseAudio/
DJConsole: http://idjc.sourceforge.net/

That is just a partial list I will try and put some videos up of how to install and use some of the software. Right now I am learning how to optimize how to set my audio adapters for best sound quality.

Dude you're signed up.  Go to the members area and post in.
Forum News / Cheap Game Codes
« Last post by Tazmo on June 08, 2017, 01:12:21 AM »
There is a site called Instant Gaming that sells game codes that are very reasonable. Have friends who have used it and say everything is good to go.
Take for instance  the Steam game Red Orchestra Vietnam (new game) for a little over 11 bucks. I've used Pay 2 Play and never had an issue with their key codes. Have heard the same with Instant Gaming.

If you do go there be sure to sign in with Face Book it makes it a lot less hassle free as they are very security conscious. I didn't an had to send in a copy of my driver license....grrr.
Recruits!! Would you like to apply to [WsG]? / Re: Instructions for new recruits.
« Last post by Tazmo on June 08, 2017, 12:59:24 AM »
BreWski sign me up
Forum News / Re: The issues of emails and sign ups.
« Last post by Original Gamer on June 04, 2017, 06:34:59 AM »

Please post here further issues.

Still waiting on a social login solution.
Forum News / Re: The issues of emails and sign ups.
« Last post by Original Gamer on June 04, 2017, 01:59:51 AM »
I am working this issue right now.
I fixed and was working for a month back down again.

Please stand by.  ::) 

Also waiting for a fix for the Social Media login function properly.
That is really out of my hands atm as it is not on our end but on the plug-in.

I'll keep everyone posted.

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